We say NO to oil and gas drilling plan in Greece

Dear friends, we need your support!

Here in Greece we are fighting for the stop of oil & gas drilling projects in land and sea.
Almost the 1/3 of our territory is in danger to be converted in a huge offshore oil platform.

For thousands of years, the waters of Epirus, Ionian sea, and the sea of Crete were of vital importance for the locals. They are a part of our natural and cultural inheritance and we ought to protect them for the future generations. Moreover, every plan for new oil and gas exploration and exploitation stands in stark contrast to the contemporary scientific facts and the needs of our times.

Please click on the link, find the petition in your language (EN, FR, IT, ES), sign and share!

Thanks in advance!

Find more about oil drilling projects and our fight against them, in savegreekseas.com

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