Today was a great day outdoor!
Οn the occasion of the International Day of Forests on 21 March, the Environmental Society of Preveza organized a volunteer tree planting. We planted around a hundred trees close to the Kiani Akti beach, here in Preveza. The species of the trees was salt cedar and as its name suggest is ideal to be close to the sea and saltwater.
Let’s hope they grow strong and tall!

We also collected within an hour 20 bags of rubbish from the beach, mainly plastic.
Unfortunately on the rocks we found the fairly decomposed carcass of a loggerhead turtle, fact that upset very little ones.

Many thanks to all who participate:
-5th elementary school students and their parents
-members and friends of Environmental Society  and Cultural Associations of Preveza
– Forestry Office and Municipality of Preveza

© Special thanks to D. Patsis from @Preveza  for the photos


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