*First posted 11/12/2018

​We are striking from school to tell our politicians to take our futures seriously and treat climate change for what it is - a crisis.


Anyone who believes that the social struggles of the people, the struggles that of course involve sacrifices, like the ones we have suffered, are in vain, makes a big mistake. Tolis Papageorgiou,

Is there any hope for humanity to survive and prosper? Scientists have called our age Anthropocene, as the pressure we have exerted and continue to exert on the planet in recent years is so great that we can now speak of a new geological age, where man is causing accelerating changes on a planetary level.
Swedish professor Johan Rockstorm, in his very interesting talk entitled "Let the environment be the guide of our development", explains that human development has dramatically reduced the Earth's raw materials. Any parameter that has to do with human well-being (deforestation, overfishing, land degradation, species extinction, nitric acid, methane, etc.), all have the same course over the last 200 years. As Mr. Rockstrom explains, systems have different positions of stability (the robustness of the system makes it look healthy) but there is a point beyond which the system fails, changes to an unwanted state and locks in place where systems can no longer support economic and social development. So we entered the most challenging and important decade in the history of humanity on the planet.

Can we avoid the slump?
According to Eleanor Ostrom: All over the world we can control the public if we invest in trust, in local drastic partnerships and regime innovations, where local actors together can confront the global public goods on a large scale. Science shows us that we can have a prosperous future within safe limits with transformational choices. But these choices are based on interdependence instead of supra-individualism, reciprocity instead of domination, cooperation instead of hierarchy. It is against the whole worldview of the free market, of unbridled capitalism, of our unequal and dysfunctional economic establishment, which has led us here.

Didn't we disintegrate the planet enough? It is time to dismantle the system, this is what needs change. And this is probably better understood by young people, who all over the world take to the streets and join their voices calling for change, so as not to be deprived of their right to live. Let's listen to their voices.
Let us also listen to the voice of the Earth itself, which has been warning us for a long time that it can not stand any more mistreatment. We also call her Mother Earth and Mother Nature. Because we still feel that it is the womb that gives birth and offers us life. So it is time to fight against the system that sows death in its passage, to fight for Nature to win, for Life to win!

Worth watching :

Do we have a right to be hopeful for a better world? Some have already dreamed it and they inspired us with their very hopeful ideas! Worth watching “A Message From the Future II: The Years of Repair”. Is an animated short film that dares to dream of a future in which 2020 is a historic turning point, where the lessons of the Covid-19 pandemic and global uprisings against racism drive us to build back a better society in which no one is sacrificed and everyone is essential.

We Can Build a #FossilFree World is building the global grassroots climate movement that can hold our leaders accountable to science and justice.


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