The main reason we stopped in Katakolo was to visit ancient Olympia. But after we got here we decided to stay a couple of days and relax on one of the nearby beaches. As it turned out we did the right thing because we discovered a surprise beach!
Just outside the port, southwest, under the lighthouse that dominates the cape we had seen a reef that aroused our curiosity. So we got masks, snorkels, our umbrella and a snack and went for a look.

The reefs that begin in very shallow waters are ideal for snorkeling, especially for children. They are full of life with many different fish species while on the rocks there are starfish, sponges of different shapes and colours, sea urchins and algae. Also attached on the rocks are countless algae Padina pavonica with the characteristic shape of a fan or funnel. Between the the rock formations the seabed is sandy or covered with the marine plant Posidonia (Posidonia oceanica). In some places, the leaves of Neptune touch the surface of the water. The leaves of Poseidon may scare you as they look dark from the surface, but where there is Posidonia, the sea is definitely clean. Therefore, when you see Posidonia leaves washed out on the beach or in the shallows, then swim without fear!

At the beach, the largest part was covered by a thick layer of Posidonia leaves. However, we found a small sandy spot to set up our umbrella. There may not be smooth pebbles and golden sand here, however there are many seashells, stones with shell fossils and limestones that were formed from skeletal elements of various animal or plant organisms.

The surprise of the beach, of course, was that in many places there is green clay, ideal for clay therapy! Of course we would not miss such an opportunity. So the girls of the family started peeling with clay. We covered our whole body, stayed like that for 15-20 minutes and then Rinsed with a cool dip. What if the boys laughed? Our skin was now renewed and clean!

After a lot of swimming, playing with clay and siesta under the shade, it was time for a short walk. We had our sack with us just in case we find rubbish. And as always, there was plenty of rubbish. Plastic bottles, bags, styrofoam ... the usual suspects. Our sack filled to the brim!
Around 7 in the afternoon, a wasp raid began on the beach. It was time to leave!

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