Today, in late afternoon the port police informed us that there is a sea turtle in the Gulf in very shallow waters probably injured as she has been drifting for hours, very week and helpless.

We took our dinghy and after a 20 minute sail we managed to locate her close to the shore. She looked lifeless at first as her body was rocking by the waves... and then, she raised her head and took a big loud breath. Our first attempt to get her onboard was not successfull as she was very heavy and managed to dive underwater. After a couple of minutes she resurfaced and this time we managed to get her onboard.
We returned to port where the port police waited to take the necessary measurements and record the incident and a lot of people stopped by when they realized that a Caretta caretta was there!

She is a big female turtle with 82cm carapace and more than 40 kilos weight. We kept her in a safe place covered with wet towels and on Sunday morning we placed her in the bus to the Sea turtle Rescue center. She was named 'Afrodite' as our daughter!
Today, we were informed from the Resque center that she has a broken scull and they started the efforts of feeding her.
Hope that she recovers soon to be releaced back in the sea!

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