How many water bottles, soda bottles and bottle caps can you find around a mini football pitch while everywhere around are garbage bins? Many, too many!

Every time we visit our favorite pitch in Karavomylos the same image is there: plastic water bottles and bottle caps everywhere. Every time we go to play there, we pick up as many as we can, but new ones take their place in a matter of days. Many people ask us why we pick up the bottles, if we work for the municipality, if somebody pays us to do this and all sorts of questions and every time the same conversation begins. We explain them that every water bottle “lives” for hundreds of years. That with time it dissolves in tiny particles on which toxic substances accumulate and these pollute the ground and water where they end up. And because everything in nature works as a cycle, in the end all these toxins end up in our body. Also, what is the reason to spend money on a plastic bottle when a tap with potable water is right there on the entrance to the pitch?

Although the issue of plastic pollution has been brought up the recent years as it is a plague for the planet, we came to realize that many people either aren’t aware of the problem and its magnitude, or just avoid thinking about it. So we thought to leave a little message there in the football pitch… we hope that people who see this message will be concerned and maybe some will change their habits.

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