*First posted 10/12/2018

"It is not the country's prospect of mining forever, when Europe's policy goes in the other direction, but it is not the country's policy to see Turkey mining, to see Cyprus mining, to see Egypt mining, to see Italy mining, and we do not."
K.Hatzidakis, Minister of Environment & Energy

A damaged lighthouse is more dangerous than a reef.
Folk proverb

What if the scientific community advises us to keep fossil fuels underground? We here in Greece will do excavations because our neighbors do. Besides, according to the ministry, the reasons for the implementation of the hydrocarbon exploration and extraction program are a) geostrategic and geopolitical and b) continued dependence on oil.

Yes, we are dependent on oil. Could we in a country endowed with sun, wind, geothermal etc. cover our energy needs differently? We did not even consider this as a scenario, but decided to remain dependent on oil and the troubles that accompany it. Because unfortunately oil is one of the main causes of conflicts in modern times (see Middle East and Central Asia). It is no coincidence that today the Eastern Mediterranean is a boiling cauldron. Competition with neighboring Turkey is constantly intensifying and while public health is collapsing due to a pandemic, we are investing in our war machine, giving more and more money for military equipment. In the end of the day who ultimately wins from all these “games”?

As Ms. Terzopoulou from the international initiative of environmental organizations from Greece-Turkey-Cyprus states (and we completely agree): "... those who will win will not be the people but the oil multinationals, the war industry and the interests that the great powers but also the small local forces of the region serve. They are the ones who treat people and nature as a source of profit, whether this is achieved by creating a Cold War climate or by hot war episodes."

So the people of the region, unite our voices to prevent the nightmare of oil drilling and war in the eastern Mediterranean. The same thing happens in many other parts of the world where people rise up and want to hear their voices say: Yes to Life, No to mining. These voices have already won some victories in Denmark, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, etc. and we are sure that the stronger they are, the more victories will be achieved!

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