In the last few days we got enough rain ... But we didn't get enough of  what follows the rain, the rainbow!

The rainbow is nothing but an optical and meteorological phenomenon. It is formed when the sun appears, during or immediately after the rain. As sunlight falls on the droplets of water, they refract its rays and so the visible white light is broken down into the various colors that make it, forming a wonderful colorful bow in the sky.

We do not know why, but at the sight of this colorful bow, there is always a big smile on our faces! Is it the astonishment cause it suddenly appears in front of us? Is it the joy that our day fills with color, even if it lasts a little? Is it the pleasure of seeing something that you can not see every day? Is the thankfulness in front of the beauty and greatness of nature? It's all these together! And maybe above all is this feeling of hope that fills us, as we realize that after every storm (small or big, in nature or in our lives) the light comes again on our horizon!

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