Our friends from iSea ngo announced us their idea for a ten day project of recording and collecting rubbish in areas such as the inner Archipelagos of Ionio and Amvrakikos Gulf that are approachable only via the sea with a boat,areas also with important biodiversity and one of a kind beauty. But when they informed us that this whole project is going to be combined with actions with informative character, with actions of raising environmental awareness and also wild life spotting and observing of course we got so excited!
Now our proposal has been chosen among 131 proposals and projects and from now on is at the stage of EOCA European Outdoor Conservation Association voting process among 16 other proposals. From all these, only 3 will be finally chosen!
So as you can imagine we need your help and we kindly request it!
It takes just a few minutes of your time to visit https://goo.gl/zhCLGX and vote On board beach cleaning adventure, Greece, until the 18th of October.  You do not need to import your email while recording one vote per IP, so you can vote on your mobile, tablet and Pc! Do not forget once you vote for us to spread the message to as many people as possible!
Thanks in advance!

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