The hot summer days belong to the past and the weather now is ideal to play some football! So today, after a long time, we took a stroll to our favorite football field in Karavomilos. We enjoyed the game with the ball as far as it goes, but something around was bothering us ... What was it? A lot of garbage dumped everywhere around. Snack and cookie wrappers, soft drink cans and many many plastic water bottles.

Imagine that couple of meters away there is a tap with drinking water and of course a garbage bin…

As this sight was completely disgusting, we began to collect them in plastic bags that we also found thrown there. Also, we knew that there would be a lot of rain in the next few days and we didn't want all that to end up in the sea a few meters below.

Before we threw it all in the bin we decided to leave one more "message out of the bottle"… NO more plastic!

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