About 9 months ago a ‘crazy’ idea came into our mind. We decided as a family that we want to have an autonomous and floating home that can take us everywhere. So SPUR came to our life. A 14m sailing cutter, built in Bristol 20 years ago, that can sail around the world.
Although the boat was in a very good condition it needed maintenance so all its systems can work properly and of course lot of alterations in order to be suitable to live in it. At the beginning we thought that by April we’ll be ready to launch, but June came and we were still working. It’s well known among sailors that work never ends on a boat. In the end of June believing that we were very close to launching, we left our land-based home and move in our boat in Aktio yard. Finally the ‘few days’ became a whole month, a very hot and exhausting July! And here we are today, ready to launch. With a lot of impatience and emotion, SPUR was lifted from its land base and was taken to the sea. Yes! We are in the water and finally we can say “Happy Summer” to all!

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