Ionian Sea …where the blue sea meets the green islands and the greek light…
Cosmopolitan ports, secluded coves, dreamy beaches and picturesque villages, have made the Ionian a world famous touristic destination…
The aesthetic value of the landscapes led to the characterization of regions of Paxos, Lefkas and the internal archipelagos of the Ionian Sea “Area of exceptional natural beauty”.
Moreover, the wider region is of particular ecological and scientific value as we find here multitude of habitats, rich flora and fauna, endemic flora and protected areas.
The geomorphology of the coastline of these islands creates many types of habitat to sea and terrestrial flora and fauna. The marine environment is harboring many important topmost predators. The seal Monachous monachous, the bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus, the common dolphin Delphinous delphis and various species of sharks are included in this group of organisms. The coast of the region provides a variety of underwater caves, which are an ideal habitat for the seals. Also important are the protected ecosystems of Posidonia oceanica, known as forests of the sea, as here we find one of the most extensive meadows in Greece. The lagoon of Lefkas, Palionis and Avlimon, the lake of Voulkaria in the northwestern part of Etoloakarnania and Amvrakikos Gulf is a very important wetland complex for the avifauna of the region and the migratory birds and is protected by the Natura2000 network.

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