The best time to walk on the beaches of the island is this time of year. The weather has warmed up a bit but the tourist season has not started yet, so we can enjoy them deserted! So today, we visit Ag.Kiriaki in the west of Kefalonia. Ideal beach for games in the sand, football and why not, a bit of garbage picking…

Now the beach may be empty of people, but it is full of garbage brought by the wind and waves all winter long. All kinds of rubbish, with plastic bottles being the dominant, pieces of styrofoam and broken pieces of plastic from various objects. The longer they remain on the shore, they break up into smaller pieces and collecting them is impossible. Unfortunately there were many at this stage - mostly bottles. So we tried to bin as much trash as we could. What if we didn't have our sack with us? We found two buckets and a large inflatable toy on the beach that served us fine.

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