The flora of Kefalonia Island is particularly rich, thanks to the high habitats diversity. The number of flora species in the National Park of Ainos alone is estimated to be around 400, with around 1200 species and subspecies recorded throughout the island! Kefalonia Island had triggered naturalists’ and researchers’ interest, who performed botanical explorations even by the end of the 19th century.  Although the most original and undoubtedly the most official report on the flora of Cephalonia comes from the Municipality of Pronnoi (4th century B.C.). It is about the representation of a Fir cone (obviously of Abies cephalonica), which is depicted on the one side of a copper coin from this classical city of Cephalonia, as well as a cone (in all probability of Pinus halepensis) on another coin of the same city.

Read the full article at  Kefalonia By Anna, here : Flora in Kefalonia

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