First day out for the season today with a really interesting and educational cruise!

We had the luck to cruise in Amvrakikos gulf with the scientists of Management Body of the Amvrakikos Wetlands and University of Patras along with a few partners of a very important  project which took place in the gulf for the last 3 years (Identification, consequences and management of the anoxic zone of Amvrakikos Gulf (NW Greece)).
It was a great opportunity to hear first the latest of many interesting things related to the ecosystem of Amvrakikos and of course our conversation mainly focused on the major problem of anoxia.  Unfortunately this unique ecosystem faces a really big threat as more than 50% of its surface is covered by low oxygen (hypoxic or anoxic) water masses!

Talking with the scientists about the importance of increasing the information flow and the public awareness (something that we already do), we also found a few ways to be much more helpful. So we scheduled to support this effort by collecting field data during our cruises and sending them to scientists for further analysis.
Sampling was one of our best when we worked as scientists and with pleasure we'll do this again!

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