Erik Raude is called the deep water semisubmersible drilling rig, of Ocean rig, a company based (where else?) in Keyman islands. It was launched in Canada in 2002, then went to Cuba, England, Norway, America, then to Africa: Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and its last station was the Falklands. From there in 2016, came to Greece for decommissioning. At first its destination was the bay of Elefsina, with already 14 decommissioned ships there, two of them also floating drills of the same company. Nevertheless, the platform never arrived there... The reactions of the citizens and the city's stakeholders were intense and prevented the decommissioning of Erik Raude, which since then laid up in Astakos Port. Although the last years, company seems to remains stuck with its drillships, this May the oceanfront ship was sold to a subsidiary of Ocean rig and is planned to complete its reactivation within 12-15 months. For now, it remains in Astakos and as it appears on the company's website, its availability for use is open until 2021.

Let’s see.. .perhaps it will be used when oil drilling exploitation starts at the Ionian sea.
Anyway, what's important is that "Greece" invests in fossil fuels in 2018!!! Or better, like many other countries, cannot say NO to the greedy  companies which enrich from mining.

It is well-known that if we continue to use fossil fuels at the same pace, we are going to increase the global temperature by 4-6 degrees Celsius. Climatologists say we need to launch the energy transition by the end of this decade if we do not want the temperature rise to exceed 2 degrees. Studies like one of  the German Aerospace Center in 2012 show that 67% of electricity in all European Union countries could come from renewable sources by 2030, with the figure reaching 96% by 2050. However, if political decisions are made to move to alternatives from fossil fuels, the company's stocks will be turned into "devalued assets" since shareholders invest only if companies have proven equal or larger future reserves than those producing today. In 2011, the London-based Carbon Tracker Initiative think tank estimates that the reserves of all fossil fuel companies claim to have are fivefold !!! of what we can burn until 2050 if we want to have a good chance the global temperature will not rise above 2 degrees Celsius. (Naomi Klein: This changes everything. Capitalism vs. Climate).

Climate change is here, it knows no boundaries and it is all about us ... But we continue to support and subsidize the same model, companies continue to enrich and our planet is almost certain that will be burned….

Sign the petition :  We say NO to oil and gas drilling plan in Greece

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