Officially today another season has come to an end! Ag. Sostis is on dry dock and when the wood dries, we’ll start with our usual maintenance.
We want to thank from the deapth of our heart each and every one of you that accompanied us this year in our cruises! A big thanks to the ones that came (once,twice or even more) to enjoy the dolphins of Amvrakikos Gulf. To the ones that loved us as well as our cruise and they come every year in the area for this reason! To the ones that had a good time and transfered these vibes to other people! To the ones that couldn’t make it this year but they sent us gifts and wishes through friends! A big ”Thank You” for all the smiles and the kind words because they fill us with strenght to keep going!
Have a happy winter everyone and a wish from us : May there be more and more people coming into contact with the wild nature and they learn about it and the enviroment that hosts it. Like great Sylvia Earle likes to say, ”Through knowledge comes caring!”. And it’s certain that these days, there is the need to care about nature more than ever!

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