Aphrodite (our daughter) is in the fifth grade of elementary school this year. One of the first lessons they did in Language was about tanker accidents that led to marine oil pollution, while in Physics they learn about energy and its forms. When all these were discussed in the classroom, Aphrodite told her teacher that her parents as environmentalists are involved with the issue of oil drilling. So, her teacher had the idea to invite us in the classroom to talk about the issue that concerns us and the children.

So we prepared a presentation on the subject entitled ‘Oil Drilling in the Ionian Sea. Right choice?', on which our discussion was based. Citing data on the natural wealth of the Ionian sea and the various forms of energy with which we can cover our needs as a country, we discussed and asked from the children to answer if they believe that oil drilling is the right choice for our country. Also we gave them a worksheet related to the issue of energy and drilling. On the back page was a map of Greece with marked areas where the exploration for the oil drilling is to begin, so that the children could create their own poster there, thus expressing their opinion on the subject. Judging by the children’s response, probably we managed to pique their interest.

As for their opinion, most answers of the children were astonishing and make us wonder: what do the adults not understand that is so easily perceived by the young students? Except for one kid who asked us the top thing: ‘Why do we need the sea since we all have pools in our villas?’!
With slogans such as: "The dirty sea is not beautiful", "NO to drilling - YES to marine life", the children gave the best answers to those who face the natural environment and lawfully human life itself, as a commodity. Through the children's eyes and with plenty of imagination, their own anguish for our common home was expressed. After all, as a Greek song says ‘how can you hide from children? They know everything anyway…’.

* For more info about Oil Drilling projects in Greece visit SaveGreekSeas.com

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