Spring is here and every day reveals a new change around us! The fields are greener, filled with colorful flowers, the swallows are coming  to set their nests and the first butterflies make their appearance!
Butterflies may pass unnoticed as egg, larva or pupa (chrysalis) but when they become perfect adults and begin to fly they fascinate us with their beauty.

Their colorful beauty, silent flights and the ability of so many transformations have always attracted man. Many ancient civilizations had connected them with the human soul. Butterflies are found in works of art and myths that are lost in time, in all the lengths and widths of the world.
From the scales (lepido in greek) in their wings (pteron), the order of these insects was called Lepidoptera. The suborder is rhopalocera from the characteristic bats that butterflies have on their antennas.( are clubbed) Most butterflies  are active during the day and you can distinguish their species simply by observing the colors and shapes they have on their wings.

This time of year you will meet them almost everywhere! Try to enjoy them only with your eyes or your camera!
If you want to learn more about the butterflies and recognize the species you meet, you will be helped by the Greek Butterfly Guide of Mr. Pamperis. You can also help scientists by recording them using the online application built for this purpose!

Enjoy your excursions and good views!

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