*First posted 9/12/2018

We are as Gods, and might as well get good at it.
Stewart Brand


Huvris:  excessive pride and ambition towards the gods, leading to nemesis.

More and more people on the planet are realizing, either experientially or instinctively, that something is wrong with the climate and nature. Is nature taking revenge? No! Nature generously provides us with everything we need to live well and continues to function cyclically as it has always done. But we forgot that we are part of the circle or we believed that we could be its rulers. We thought we could just take more and more from nature - especially in recent centuries, returning to it mainly poisons. And as poisons return to us today, threatening our very existence, it is time to recall the cycle. Or maybe not;

It seems that the deep-rooted notion that man is the absolute ruler of nature holds well. This misconception, which is largely responsible for the current situation, is not only not being sidelined but is unfortunately finding expression today through geomechanics. This new branch of engineering gives a tempting promise that we can rectify climate change and thus continue our resource-depleting lifestyle indefinitely.

Prospective engineers are already planning large-scale interventions to reduce the effects of global warming. Giant tubes that emit sulfur dioxide particles into the sky to block sunlight, brighter clouds and giant umbrellas orbiting the Earth to reflect sunlight, genetic modifications to crops to reflect more light to space, 'fertilizing' the ocean with iron particles to increase phytoplankton production in order to bind more carbon. In fact, the latter was not just a plan in the laboratory, as the American businessman Russ George (https://russgeorge.net/) is already testing in the field.

Geo-engineering, however, intervenes as a whole on the planet and such interventions can not be without threatening consequences as most experts point out. They also accuse the "new science" of simply trying to artificially cover the problem by eliminating the symptom and not by curing the cause.

So a few scientists, funded by powerfull lobbies, who believe that they can act as 'gods' and hope to become good at it, decided to play with the whole planet. They were not going to ask for our permission…

The truth is that we do not want to see if these gentlemen can become good at acting as gods. There are viable alternatives in order not to trash the planet, which simply require respect for the natural limits and the natural cycle of renewal. The problem is that if these solutions are implemented, they will inevitably put a brake on the unbridled greed of some and lead to the collapse of their system of power and over-enrichment. But this is their problem!

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