Today we had the luck to enjoy the sunrising on board, along with the renowned chef Rick Stein and his BBC team! They visited Preveza area to prepare a documentary about the local cuisine that will be viewed on BBC2 next March! Our guests watched and filmed the fishermen of Amvrakikos gulf catching shrimp and tasted a delicius, as they told us, breakfast with local traditional pies. Both Rick Stein and the rest of the team (very friendly and polite all of them) were thrilled with the landscape and showed great interest for this special ecosystem, the National Park of Amvrakikos,  about its rich biodiversity but also for the traditional fishing methods we meet here.
Ofcourse we explain them everything about Amvrakikos gulf and they promised that they will share their experience with as many as they can, because they believe, as we do, that to make known this hidden paradise will help not only in its development but also in its protection.
Returning to Preveza they filmed fishermen who had just arrived with their morning catch, while the English sailors from the nearby vessels who recognised the famous chef were saluting excited!
A little later, we visited the dibari of Pogonitsa lagoon (divari is a traditional fishing method) where the women of the region cooked fresh shrimp with tomatoes and cuttlefish with spinach, while our conversation centered around the traditional way of fishing and the ‘strange stories of the Wild West ‘ …
As Eco cruising we tried to provide the best hosting in our special visitors (as we always do) and judging by the warm hugs, kisses and bright smiles we think that we did that pretty good!


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